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Class structure

Welcome to the class pages where we aim to share with you some of the exciting learning and fun opportunities your child is taking part in once each school day has started. Here is where you will find ideas on how to support your child; reminders about timetabled events and information about the curriculum we have tailored to each year group.

EYFS Team ( Acorns and Beech Class):  Mr Kevin Hawes, Miss Hollie Madeley  and Mrs Samantha Corr

Year 1 ( Willow Class): Miss Ellie Ward

Year 1/2 ( Pine Class): Mrs Lucy Mauro /Mrs Christina Boulton

Year 2 ( Birch Class): Miss Tabatha Tyler

Year 3 ( Rowan Class and Poplar Class): Miss Hannah Morriss and Mrs Soulla Petrou / Miss Mary Praill

Year 4 ( Chestnut Class and Elder Class): Mrs Abigail Anderson and Mrs Naomi Goosetree

Year 5 ( Sycamore Class and Hawthorn Class): Mrs Angela Gibson and Miss Emma Thomas

Year 6 ( Red Oak Class and Blue Oak Class): Mrs Angela Smart and Miss Alexandra Flint